Acronyms Used

Here is a list of the most common abbreviations used:

  • BNIB – Brand New In Box
  • BNWT – Brand New with Tags. Also: NWT (New with Tags)
  • BNWOT – Brand New without Tags. Also: NWOT (New without Tags)
  • EMT – Email Money Transfer
  • EUC – Excellent Used Condition
  • GU – Gently Used
  • LN – Like New
  • MC – Mint Condition
  • MMARO – Make Me a Reasonable Offer
  • NDSR – No Dents, Scratches, or Rust
  • NIL – Next in Line. If a seller tells you that you are NIL, it means that another buyer has claimed the sale, but if the deal falls through, you’re up next.
  • NR – Needs Repair
  • OBO – Or Best Offer
  • OOAK – One of a Kind
  • OSFA – One Size Fits All
  • PC – Poor Condition
  • PPU – Pending Pick Up. This means that another buyer has expressed interest but hasn’t actually purchased (and thus picked up) the item yet. This means there is still a chance you could snag the sale.
  • SS – Still Sealed
  • SW – Slight Wear
  • TIA – Thanks in Advance